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Dear Healthcare Professionals,

In light of the fact that the Internet is a common source for healthcare needs, we wanted to take a moment to ensure professionals are aware of our policy on advertising the patented products purchased from PD Supplements.

It has always been our policy that patients purchase supplements from their personal healthcare professional. This policy is meant to ensure continuity of care and safe supplement usage. This policy applies to internet sales. Therefore, professionals may not sell product to individuals not under their care. Beyond this policy, we offer the following guidelines.

  • General Guidelines
    • Websites need to state that product can only be purchased by a patient under the care of the professional. Individuals who are not patients may not receive product.
    • Websites cannot list the retail price of the product in a way that it may be viewed by the general public. All retail prices need to be password protected if they are going to be posted on your website (with passwords available only to patients).

These guidelines are designed to protect all professionals purchasing from PD Supplements, as well as their patients. We appreciate your help in maintaining compliance with these guidelines.

Thank you,
PD Supplements


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